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Granite, being the most popular choice for kitchen worktops- a natural stone - it has a solid composite surface that gives a natural look and feel which will enhance any kitchen design.




What is Granite?

Granite originates as molten rock with temperatures of 650 to 900 degrees Celsius in the upper and lower crust of the earth at depths of between 20 and 40 Km. The molten material moves upwards through the crust as a sheet shaped mass to crystallize at a depth of between 15 and 2 km below surface.
The crystallized granite is then exposed through millions of years of weathering and removal of cover rocks. granite's age vary from place to place, the oldest being around 3200 millions of years the youngest around 10 million year.
granite is made of three major minerals, these are (Quarts) which is glassy and colorless, (Feldspar) white and pink (Mica) black white and platy. in addition to the three major minerals a large variety of other minerals are also present, including Zircon, a mineral commonly used for dating earth minerals.
granites may vary in color, size or crystal and texture, reflecting the processes which affected the specific granite though its long history

Afro Red


Amerillo Gold


Antiek Brown



Blue Pearl


Crema Marfil


Daker Green



Emerald Pearl


Giallo Classico


Giallo Duna



Giallo Namib


Ivory Cream


Jupeina Indian.



Kashmir White


Kasmir Gold





Nebson Gold


Rosa Duna


Rosa Namib












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